Will the school suffer if teachers are pulled out to offer assistance in other schools?

No school will suffer or be at a disadvantage, we will work together as a ‘family’ of schools to optimise performance and improve standards. 

Is the school required to consult parents about becoming an academy?

The governing body of the school makes the decision about the school applying to become an academy. The Government is not requiring the governing body to consult parents or the community about this decision. However, there is nothing to prevent parents at the school seeking to influence the decision of the governing body and given the importance of the issue.

Does becoming an academy mean that the school will get new buildings and facilities?

The Government is making no provision for new academies to have new buildings or facilities.

If a school becomes an academy and wants to change back, is that possible?


Do Staff get a vote on conversion?

No, it is ultimately the decision of the governing body whether, a conversion to academy status is the right decision for the school. In making this decision they must consult with stakeholders which obviously include staff. Staff are encouraged to raise any concerns they have with their Headteacher or Staff Governor so that when taking their final decision for the school, the governors are fully aware of their views.

Could Staff be in a position where they would need to apply for their own jobs?

Not in a regular academy conversion.