Miss Sam O'Connell

Mission statement

St Luke & St Philip’s is an open friendly learning community founded on Christian Values, whilst always welcoming and including other faiths and cultures.

In our school everybody is valued and has a voice.

In a partnership with the church and all the stakeholders we aim to equip our children to live safe, healthy fulfilling lives, enabling them to shine and sparkle today and in the future. 2 


Hancock Street, Blackburn, BB2 2LZ 
Tel: 01254 54866 Fax: 01254 661561 
Website: www.stlukesblackburn.co.uk
Email: office@slsp.blackburn.sch.uk
Headteacher: Sam O’Connell

The school

St. Luke & St. Philip’s Church of England School is an Aided Primary School provided by the Church Trustees mainly for the education of children residing within the Parish of St. Luke with St. Philip. The school is open to children outside the Parish and admission to the school is controlled by the Governors. 

The Headteacher, in consultation with the Governors, is responsible for internal organisation, management and discipline of the school. The Governors, who meet at least once a term, have a range of responsibilities for the school. The Church chooses eight of the Governors and the Local Authority chooses three. The Board of Governors includes two Parent Governors, one elected by the parents and one nominated by the Church. 

The composition of the Governing Body changed in 2007 to comply with new Government legislation. 

The work of the school

The main aim of the school is to give your child every chance to develop the abilities which he/she possesses to the full, educationally, morally and spiritually within a happy school environment. 

Teaching is organised in accordance with National Curriculum guidelines. The core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science and Information and Communication Technology, the foundation areas of History, Geography, Music, P.E., Art, and Technology, and Religious Education are all taught, sometimes as separate subjects, and sometimes as part of a cross-curricular thematic approach. In September 2010, we introduced a skills based curriculum and all children follow a new theme every half term - themes emphasise a cross curricular approach to learning. Your child will normally be taught in a class of children of similar age by one particular teacher. Sometimes the class teacher will be assisted by a specialist support teacher, who may take small groups of children in specific areas. Children 5 may work in special groups for a variety of reasons, not necessarily because they are experiencing difficulties in a particular subject areas but also because they are particularly talented in that area. 

In addition to their teaching commitment staff spend considerable time and effort in preparation, assessment, recording and attendance at further training courses. The staff also consider extra-curricular activities to be important. Teachers are available, by arrangement, to meet parents who wish to discuss individual children’s progress. Parents' evenings and reports reinforce the Links between home and school. 


To help every child to realise their maximum potential. 

To work at all times with consideration for the Mission Statement of our school. 

To create a happy school for all concerned. 

To help children learn that courtesy; good manners and consideration for others are important qualities. 

To ensure a good command of English, the ability to communicate with others and to encourage an enjoyment of reading. 

To develop a knowledge and understanding of basis mathematical skills. To encourage scientific curiosity and to develop scientific skills, through appropriate practical and investigative work. 

To explore the relationship between the earth and its people through the study of place, space, and the environment. 

To introduce children to the past, based on historical evidence and chronological order. 

To help children gain an appreciation and understanding of how design and technology may influence the economy and improve the quality of life. 

To foster musical responsiveness in each child through listening and participation. 

To enhance and extend learning across the whole curriculum through the use of Information and Communication Technology. 

To assist the development of each child physically within a framework of enjoyment , fair play and good sportsmanship. 

To develop the child’s visual perceptions through a variety of artistic experiences, both practical and appreciative.

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